I worry that my issues arent nearly as important as everyone else’s and that i’m just being selfish

I’m worried I’ll be like this forever

I’m worried I’ll never figure out what’s going on in my head

i miss my therapist and i am no longer able to see her as i have aged out. i have so much building up and i just need to talk to someone that won’t judge and will offer me support and help but i cant afford to get a therapist

I’m scared to lose everybody I care about simply because they find out I’m gay. I have one adult I confide in and I can’t help but wonder if she’s the only person I’ll always have

I am worried, if I stop talking they will forget about me, and abandon me. So I talk and talk, despite how annoying I get, and how mad everyone gets. Because if I stop, I worry I’ll fade to nothing.

I’m afraid that I’ll be left behind and that I’ll never not feel empty

i’m worried that my friends don’t care about me

If I’m not going to get the life I want to have in the future

my friends won’t understand my mental illness

I am not accepted by my peers

That me and my girlfriend will keep falling apart and becoming more distant all because my parents can’t stand our relationship. She makes me happy. But she’s so busy and they purposely try to separate us. I miss spending time with her. I miss talking to her. She was the only person I could talk too and now I feel so alone.

My boyfriend will find someone better than me

This too shall pass!

Everything just makes me more upset

I worry that everything I do is wrong and when I do something right nobody realizes it

I’m just scared I will have a panic attack anywhere for no reason

Wonce i graduat i will forever be alone

My best friend has this girl that has his eye on. I told him to go after her and he did and I think she likes him too but lately he’s been really distant with me and I know I shouldn’t be jealous but I can’t lose him. He’s one of the only bit of happiness I have in life and he barely even talks to me anymore. I have no point in living if we stop being friends

I worry that my parents will never understand how depressed I really feel