Relationship abuse is a pattern of behaviour in a relationship. One person in the relationship uses abusive patterns to get power and control over the other person in the relationship. Sometimes the abuser might tell the victim that it is their fault, but abuse is NEVER the victim’s fault.

Abuse in relationships can take many forms. It can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic or psychological. Domestic abuse can hurt any kind of person; it doesn’t matter what race, age, religion, social status, sexual orientation or gender you are.

Be a good friend. Don’t get discouraged if your friend breaks up and returns to their abuser multiple times. An abuser tries to isolate their victim so they don’t think they can get away or that anyone else would love them. Listen to your friend and be supportive. Don’t blame them for the abuse.

If your friend is in immediate danger, call the police. If your friend is not in immediate, physical danger, continue being supportive and a good friend. Don’t let your friend feel like they are alone.