Everybody feels blue or sad every now and then, but these feelings generally pass in a couple of days. When a person has clinical depression, it interferes with life. It also causes pain for the depressed person and their loved ones. Depression is a common but serious illness and some that experience it need treatment to get better.

Yes! Depression is very treatable. Between 80-90 per cent of people can be helped with treatment — even those with the most serious forms of depression. Various forms of antidepressants and different types of psychotherapists (psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors) are all different forms of treating depression. Most people who are depressed do really well with a combined treatment (medicine and psychotherapy). The most important step toward overcoming depression, and often times the most difficult, is to ask for help!

There are many causes of depression. If you’re feeling depressed, there might be one cause or a mix of causes. The three biggest causes are biology, psychology and social factors. Because everyone’s situation and DNA is different, there are many different causes for depression.