My hope is the world becomes a safe and inclusive place for everyone

I just hope that everyone can stay positive. I know it’s a tough time right now, and even people in some of the best situations are panicking. That’s okay. No matter where you come from, who your parents are, you are valid. It’s okay to be sad. But don’t let that negativity control your life.

My hope is that every person who finds themselves searching for hope, they find it even in the darkest hour. Hope holds. hope heals, and hope conquers!

My hope is… that my mom will eventually stop blaming me for everything and see that I am a person with things to work through.

My hope is…that I dont let my depression and anxiety rule my life forever.

My hope is that no one will feel hopeless. At the end of the tunnel, there is light!

So I lost my dad 6 years ago to cancer and after he died I have had a lot of anxiety and sometimes I feel like when he died it’s a sign for me to die but that’s not the right way to think. Remember this even tho your hurting don’t think about hurting yourself everyone is beautiful in their own special way❤

there is always hope, there is always a little light even on the darkest of days.

My story of hope and recovery is ….
Seen in the commitment of a special colleague.

There are many discouraging challenges in our daily work (scheduling issues, unrealistic expectations, too many changes and too much paperwork).

And yet, she never loses sight of the big picture. She keeps her eye on the real meaning and purpose of our work. This gives me hope every day.

My story of hope and recovery is ….
inspired by the people that I meet:

I recall a client who addressed significant mental health challenges by attending therapy and starting medication. He gave up drinking and expressed such GRATITUDE for his new life and the supports that he received. He stayed sober, reunited with family, got his finances in order and went back to school. He was so POSITIVE!

His ATTITUDE was infectious, helping me to also adopt a much more positive attitude in my own life.

My story of hope and recovery ….

I feel hopeful through recovery practice because it allows me to learn so much from my clients. When I hear their stories and see their strength as they conquer their challenges, I feel inspired. Working from a strengths-based perspective allows me to recognize the power my clients have within themselves. Through this work, I can help them recognize the same, and help them to empower themselves to make changes in their own lives. It is a privilege to stand beside our clients and to learn what true humanity is so we can work to give that back to them.

My story of hope and recovery is …. Simple.  It’s having the opportunity to be present on the journey with someone and helping them see the light within themselves to get them through the darkness.

Providing individuals with clean supplies from the SWAP program has opened the door to help support them on their journey of recovery.  It removes the shame and provides these individuals with person-focused care, hope and empowerment…their voice is heard and we listen.