Strongest Families Institute is an award-winning charity. We provide timely, evidence-based services to families, children, youth and adults seeking help to improve mental wellness. SFI’s distance services remove barriers to care.

Our trained coaches provide telephone support at convenient times (morning, afternoon and evening) allowing clients to participate from the privacy and comfort of their homes during a time that best fits their schedule. We provide client-centered care that is customized to meet each of your unique needs. There is no wait to get started, no need to travel nor take time off work or school, and programs are free. ICAN is also available as an online, self-help program with no coaching.

The ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness Program provides adults (18+ years) with life-skills to overcome anxiety, help with depression and how to cope with major life stressors. Those who stick with the program and complete it report life-changing results with improved daily performance, social and family relationships and increased confidence. We offer your choice of:

• ICAN: One-to-one or group-based telephone coaching (handbook/DVDs or website).

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• ICAN DIY: Do ICAN yourself, working at your own pace without the support of a Strongest Families telephone coach. The self-guided program is completed on our secure website.

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