My hope is …

  • looking forward to what the future holds
  • meeting my goals and aspirations and where they will lead me
  • looking forward to something through any difficult time is my hope

My hope is … to find optimism and reasons for a positive future

My hope is … that I can always think positive and see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

My hope is …

  • that there is a reason to go on
  • that life is worth living. To me hope that God has a plan even if I don’t understand OR agree to it
  • hope that we all try to do no harm to anyone

My hope is …

  • that Mental Illness is obsolete in the next 5 years
  • the government puts more money in Mental Health Services in NL

My hope is … for the health and happiness of my children and to maintain my health to enjoy them for the future

My hope is …

  • discovering your sense of self, discovering what makes you happy
  • knowing your own truth, believing in yourself
  • understanding that your past does not determine your future

My hope is ….

  • something to look forward to
  • being able to visualize some success
  • positivity in the lives of others-family/friends

My hope is …

  • to be healthy and happy and treat others with respect
  • to be financially independent
  • have a happy life
  • supportive work environment
  • stay healthy
  • have good friends
  • that my children grow up to be independent and well educated
  • that my parents continue to be healthy
  • that I can be a good nurse and supportive and an advocate for my patient
  • that I can motivate others

My story of hope and recovery is … When I finish treatment I will be clean and I will be happy. I hope to have a good relationship with my family and know who my real people are.

Youth residing at Hope Valley Treatment Center.

My story of hope and recovery is … Everyday was tears and worries. Everyday was waking up in the morning and throwing up looking for my next fix. Everyday was fighting with people I love and wondering where I am going to move to next. My mind was chaotic and crazy and I thought my life was going to stay the same forever. Although I enjoyed the parties and being on the go all the time, my mental and physical state couldn’t handle it any longer. I was in a lot of fear but decided I needed to step out of my comfort zone. Crossing the bridge from one life to another was one of the scariest things, leaving my home, family, friends behind…the drugs the parties wasn’t something I was used to. I came to rehab not expecting to stay very long but two months and three days later I have never been more happy to say that I am clean and sober. I don’t get sick anymore, I’ve been gaining weight that I had lost, I got out of my shitty environment. I got my family back and I am on my way to graduating high school and applying for post-secondary. I have never pictured my life to be like this or to be able to make the change I did. Having HOPE saved my life, I’ve accomplished a lot with my new skills and changed my whole perspective and now because of that I am looking at my hopes for when I get out of treatment and continue to improve my life.

My story of hope and recovery is … My hope is that when I get home I can stay home and stay clean. I want to be able to keep my friends but not use.

For my recovery I want to keep happiness in my house and no more arguing/fighting, with everyone getting along.

Youth residing at Hope Valley Treatment Center

My story of hope and recovery … Being here at Hope Valley treatment Center and working hard to create a new life for myself. Taking it one day at a time, feeling better and becoming more motivated everyday. I may miss my family but I know if I wasn’t sober I wouldn’t be spending my time with my family anyway. I am excited and hopeful to get out and lead a healthy and happy life.

Youth residing at the Hope Valley Treatment Center

My story of hope and recovery is ….

Given to me by the unbelievable resilience of people.

Every day I am reminded that there seems to be no end to the strength of some people.

They get knocked down, but come back every time.

My story of hope and recovery is …
related to the Take Home Naloxone Kits.

I read an evaluation from the BC Program and it provided such hope. Not only are the people getting a Kit to take care of their own health and life; they are empowered by being able to save someone else’s life.

And isn’t that what it is all about?…. Taking care of each other!

My story of hope and recovery is ….
Seen in the commitment of a special colleague.

There are many discouraging challenges in our daily work (scheduling issues, unrealistic expectations, too many changes and too much paperwork).

And yet, she never loses sight of the big picture. She keeps her eye on the real meaning and purpose of our work. This gives me hope every day.

My story of hope and recovery is ….
inspired by the people that I meet:

I recall a client who addressed significant mental health challenges by attending therapy and starting medication. He gave up drinking and expressed such GRATITUDE for his new life and the supports that he received. He stayed sober, reunited with family, got his finances in order and went back to school. He was so POSITIVE!

His ATTITUDE was infectious, helping me to also adopt a much more positive attitude in my own life.

My story of hope and recovery ….

I feel hopeful through recovery practice because it allows me to learn so much from my clients. When I hear their stories and see their strength as they conquer their challenges, I feel inspired. Working from a strengths-based perspective allows me to recognize the power my clients have within themselves. Through this work, I can help them recognize the same, and help them to empower themselves to make changes in their own lives. It is a privilege to stand beside our clients and to learn what true humanity is so we can work to give that back to them.

My story of hope and recovery is …. Simple.  It’s having the opportunity to be present on the journey with someone and helping them see the light within themselves to get them through the darkness.

Providing individuals with clean supplies from the SWAP program has opened the door to help support them on their journey of recovery.  It removes the shame and provides these individuals with person-focused care, hope and empowerment…their voice is heard and we listen.

Sample Wall of Hope Post